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Tax return

For a lot of people the yearly Dutch tax return is a very complicated task. Which means: for expats it’s even more complicated because the Dutch laws are not the same as the laws of your home country.

Some people choose to let a friend or a friend of a friend fill in their tax return. For those people it’s hard to stay up-to-date with all continuous changes in these laws. In the end, it might be profitable if a tax advisor digs into your tax return. Our experience with filing tax returns for expats is that they are not aware of the tax advantages they can apply for. Sometimes this can reach up to thousands of euros! Contact tax advisor Eindhoven to make sure this won’t happen to you.


In the first year of your tax return, you will have to fill in a special type of tax return. This is called an M-form and, unlike a normal tax return, you cannot fill in an M-form online. We have special software to fill in an M-form and can help you making sure you will send a correct tax return. Have you filled in your tax return online the first year you lived in the Netherlands? Most likely you will receive a letter from the Tax authorities claiming that it was incorrect. They will ask you again to fill in an M-form.

Mortgage refunding

Have you bought a house in the Netherlands or planning to buy one? The Dutch tax authorities allow you to deduct the mortgage costs from your Dutch taxable income. Which means, in most cases, you will get money back from the tax authorities.

Our tax advisors are happy to assist you in helping you to fill in these forms, so you won’t pay too much taxes.


The Dutch government has several kinds of financial contributions for residents in the Netherlands. The allowances (toeslagen) are meant for people that have a lower income, by helping them cover basic living costs such as rent, health insurance, childcare and raising children.

Some people file their own tax return, but forget to apply for allowances. Asking for an allowance can be very profitable, sometimes they end up being several thousands of euros for only 1 year!

When we file a tax return, we always check if you can apply for allowances. Asking for an allowance is possible until the 1st of september next year.


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Our office has been working with expats for over 20 years. That means we’re up to date with all the tax laws and possibilities they give to save money. Also our tax advisors are fluent in English.

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